Art & Dollhouse Miniatures by Bel Ayala
Art & Dollhouse Miniatures by Bel Ayala

Countryside wicked basket style ready for your lovely projects

Wicker baskets are beatiful recipients to show many kind of products but for me above all, freshly picked ones and fresh products from the market as well.

I really enjoy weaving my own ones and I make them when time allows me to display them on many different miniatures or just alone with fruit and vegetables.


But we do not always have the time we would like to be able to weave them so here is the basket woven but not woven. LOL

Now these baskets made by resin are available! Yeah!

You will find them in the store in different sizes but if you want a special size just let me know and I will try to make it for you.

I hope you like them and do great projects with them.

Thanks for taking a walk around here and see you soon.

Mini hugs,